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From Humble Beginnings

We were the Brown’s of Brooklyn, but for those of you that do not know our story . . .we moved here after Omar (Farmer Brown/ Smoothie Mon)  got laid off.  So we really took lemons and made lemonade, and to that we added carrots, apples, ginger and bananas and kale and made smoothies. LOL.  We work hard and are visionaries.  Both our families are from Jamaica, as a matter of fact Omar was born there.  Our food pays tribute to our grandmothers and mothers who love to cook!!!  Our food is best described as Caribbean Vegan Cuisine.

As you all may or may not know, before I became a self-proclaimed chef, I was and still am a filmmaker. So the fact that Hollywood glitz and glam did not appeal to me is no surprise, I am a lady who is rooted in family and community. I prefer to talk to one of my fabulous customers about seasonings and recipes than to be on a red carpet any day.

Organic Food

Our philosophy on food is simple, we do not eat chemicals!  That being said, we make a lot of our recipes from scratch, including our cheese sauce, spaghetti sauce, seitan wheat meat, salad dressing, burger patties.  We also do not buy bags of pre cut food, as we want everything as nutrient dense and fresh as possible.    We use as much organic and locally grown food as possible.  Whether it be organic berries, tofu, or apples we adhere to the dirty dozen rule.  Additionally, we buy NON GMO wheat for all of our pastas and flours.  We only serve what we eat, as a matter of fact you will most likely see one of our 6 children eating every time you visit the shop.  Lastly our menu is a reflection of us, so as we evolve as individuals, so does our company.  Presently, we are enjoying lots of quinoa and a plethora of raw food dishes and sugar free desserts.    

Our Love for Food

Our philosophy on food is simple, we do not like processed foods and avoid them. We use organic as much as we can and are always trying to get more organic foods as well as local food.  Currently we use organic tofu, wheat, corn, carrots because they are often genetically modified and we say no to GMOs! We try not to fry stuff and we use food that looks like food and fresh ingredients that take a million hours to prep because they taste better, so we do it the right way.

We cook what looks fresh when we go shopping or what is on sale, or what seems good for the unpredictable  Florida weather.  Simply put, our menu is evolving as we see what our customers most enjoy.